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'Work without disruption, Unwavering courage, and Straight path’, with this concept as the base, an ARRS group has been catering to the needs of its varied customers in Textile sector, spanning for a period of over two generations. Apart from running the biggest Garment retail showroom with 50,000 sq.ft. in Salem from September 2000 with your support, in Namakkal district on September 9, 2011 the branches of ARRS Silks and ARRS Jewellery blended into a one biggest Retail showroom with more than 50,000 sq.ft as 'ARRS Silks and Thangamaaligai' is doing its service in a surprising way. Another new branch of ARRS Silks has been started on august 8, 2014 at Hosur with area courage of 50,000 sq.ft.In Salem a new branch has been opened at Swarnapuri on September 7, 2014 which is also the 50,000 sq.ft. We are doing our silk handloom since 65 years and became an expert in wholesale. For this success people’s support is the main reason we are having an experienced staff in handloom, that’s the reason to provide you a Traditional silk, high quality silk, Youth preference fancy sarees, at reasonable price with best quality. ARRS with its remarkable trend-setting tradition has evolved itself into a 'brand' venturing into fields starting with Textiles and wading through entertainment, jewellery, construction and education. All this was made possible not only through the dedicated services of the group of companies, but mainly due to the unflinching support of you, dear people, who have placed great trust in all the endeavors of the ARRS groups. Dr. A.R.R. Srinivasan, D.Hon, Chairman, ARRS Groups.
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